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Welcome to WHAT’S THE TRICK!

This blog is about Productivity, Achievement and Brain Mechanics.
I will address ways to get better at doing the things you do - productively -, but also at choosing what to do in order to get what you want - achievement. Exploring how our brain works on those helps reveal that... there's a TRICK!

The first theme - Productivity - means to me doing efficiently whatever you decide to do, taking the most out of your investment of time, mental energy and focus. I'll be talking about to-do lists, email management, interruptions, in-boxes, meetings, productivity tools and all sorts of tips and tricks to better get stuff done in a clever way.
The second one - Achievement - refers to creating new perspectives and desired scenarios, widening your options about what you choose to put your effort into. What is valuable to you? What part of your life is already pretty much like you want it, and what part do you want to improve, in what way? How to make sure the things you do everyday really contribute to that?

Brain Mechanics is a third theme embedded in the other two. I'll be addressing stuff like: How does our brain multitask? In what contexts focus and attention work optimally? How does our mind implement habits? What mental resources are implied in a decision? How does motivation work? What is a desire? How do we imprint our hierarchy of goals and values? I think this is the fun part of Neuroscience!

Ultimately, this blog is about happiness. I believe we all want to be happy. Whatever it is for each of us, it's built in: a mysterious clockwork mechanism rewards us with a feeling of flow and connection when we get it right, and triggers disturbance and disruption when we suspect we should be doing something differently.

The aim of sharing my investigation is to promote your own reflection, experiments and conclusions, and get you to decide about your own TRICK!...


Gonçalo Gil Mata


After each article I'll introduce at least one TRICK you can try yourself.
Some may not be new for you, some will fit you better than others. Your own adjustments will be needed.
In any case, I really recommend you try the TRICKS and take your conclusions from practice, not theory or assumptions.

Go to the TRICKS section, read more, vote and comment!

Eduardo Gonçalves
2 vezes Huuuuuuuummmmmm
in 2012-08-31 23:15:06
Antonio Pinto Caldeira
Top notch as expected!
Grande malha amigo, ride on...:)
in 2012-06-03 00:39:21
Nuno Manuel Torres
Vou divulgar no facebook.
in 2012-05-31 05:13:00
Nuno Aguiar
Dear Mata,

I am reading now, for the very first time, your brand new project!

I am not surprised about its quality because we know each other back from the days we were just two simple freshmen in the building, sort-of-speak!

I am just absolutely overwhelmed with its ambition, but I am sure you will succeed.

Good Night & Good Luck!

Yours truly,

in 2012-05-25 18:46:12
Margarida Martins
gosto muito!
in 2012-05-14 20:19:54
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